5 Reasons Why Cold Calling Still Helps

Some researchers have claimed that the cold call will eventually die out, as you’re now able to acquire customers much more easily via the internet. Finding potential customers and making genuine connections, however, are two entirely different matters.

Before looking at 5 reasons cold calling still makes sense and why it should be a permanent part of any company’s sales strategy, let's take a look at what it means.

What is Cold Calling?

It is a marketing strategy that entails initiating outbound and unsolicited calls to prospects or leads in order to convert them into long-standing customers. 

Simply speaking, cold calling refers to calling your prospects and convincing them to buy your products and services.

5 Reasons to Opt for Cold Calling 

1. Gets Through All the Noise on the Internet and Social Media 

The number of spam emails we receive in our mailboxes can be overpowering. Advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have had critics for several years now. It, therefore, is much more challenging than ever to reach new customers using the Internet. Even if your message gets noticed, you will be far from making a connection unless you strike up a direct conversation with your audience.

2. You can Customize and Personalize
Your Message 

Cold calling primarily means doing a prepared script or following a prearranged scenario for your product or company. An excellent sales representative knows, however, when to depart from that arrangement. With advertisement forms like mass emails, you cannot change the matter once they have been sent.

A good sales executive will be able to read the individual on the other end, understand how the words are being spoken, and listen to the tone of the voice. This makes crafting a message that suits that individual easy and natural.

 3. You Can Build a Personal Connection 

Speaking directly with an individual directly creates an immediate personal connection. Common grounds like the same hometown or alma mater instantly build a connection. With proper research, you can tap into these links. If you’re a savvy person, you can also discover more tidbits during the call. 

Besides connection, this also lends credibility to your image. 

4. Immediate Feedback 

With email or Twitter messages, you might have to wait for hours on end in order to get a response. And there is no certainty that you’ll get one! However, calling can give you a direct response; you’ll also know if this is a prospect worth investing your time and efforts in. 

5. Customers Can Immediately Find More About Your Company


When you provide potential customers with detailed and relevant facts, they'll be compelled to explore your company more closely. This is a great way to attract customers because now they’ll know what gaps are exactly filled by you and how they can benefit from it without wasting extra time.

Cold Calling Statistics for 2022 

You might have come across many discouraging things about this marketing strategy. Some might have claimed cold calling is dead or it is considered rude and illegal.

However, these are just personal opinions without reliable statistics backing them up. 

But numbers say something different. 

●According to the RAIN group, 82% of buyers agree to meet sellers who cold call. 

●Many reports say that cold calls influence ninety-six percent of buyers' buying decisions if a salesperson highlights the benefits they will receive from the product. 

So, cold calling is not yet as dead as many people would have you believe. Also, unsolicited doesn’t mean they are unwanted and not needed. And we hope that this blog was able to shed some light on the reasons.

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