For a decade, UltraConnect has excelled in linking business owners with their most promising prospects, powered by AI-driven telesales solutions. Our services encompass outsourced lead generation, inside sales, and appointment setting, all of which are remarkably customizable and come complete with creative scriptwriting and easily accessible support. Whether you're reaching out to existing contacts, pursuing internet leads, or engaging cold-call prospects, UltraConnect's telesales expertise, supercharged by AI, guarantees a consistent track record of exceptional results.

a singular focus

Unlike numerous competitors, UltraConnect specializes exclusively in phone connection campaigns backed by AI power. Our senior management team boasts a cumulative experience of over 25 years in the realm of telesales. We don't diversify into recruiting, or social media marketing. Instead, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to high-level outsourced lead generation, inside sales, and appointment-setting. This singular and unwavering focus empowers us to deliver the industry's finest service and outstanding results. 

a new angle

At UltraConnect, we've embraced a blend of innovation and a tried-and-true approach for our campaigns. Our strategy combines AI outreach with personalized phone call follow-ups, creating a dynamic and effective approach. We utilize state-of-the-art VOIP, CRM, and IVR technologies, allowing us to handle hundreds of daily interactions with precision. Additionally, we provide real-time email notifications, and our clients enjoy secure access to a password-protected portal where they can review campaign results, monitor current appointments, and access detailed monthly reports

a pro team

At UltraConnect, our professional team of Business Development Representatives is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of success with every call. Each BDR undergoes an extensive training process that includes expert training, rigorous drills, and personalized coaching. As a result, our UltraConnect team excels at overcoming objections, demonstrating assertiveness, and showcasing expertise in appointment setting. We always go the extra mile, prioritizing client retention in every call, regardless of the outcome..


Connection Solutions

Connection Solutions

This image shows the connection solutions


Lead Generation: 

Sustaining a consistent flow of high-quality leads is a common challenge for businesses. Quality is paramount since a surplus of weak leads with a low conversion rate is both time-consuming and costly. Conversely, top-tier leads have the potential to significantly boost profits and enhance Return on Investment (ROI). To address this challenge, consider outsourcing your lead generation efforts, where we employ cutting-edge AI technology to enhance the process.

Our team of specialists follows a disciplined approach to nurture and cultivate customer interest through B2B lead generation services, with an essential touch of AI. We focus exclusively on AI-powered telephone campaigns, prioritizing effective communication with customers via the most suitable channels. All this is done while building relationships based on trust and ensuring full compliance with industry regulations.


Inside Sales:

Elevate your business to new heights with our cutting-edge inside sales services, powered by AI at UltraConnect. We blend human expertise with the latest AI technology to deliver results that go beyond your expectations. Our expert team of dedicated sales professionals harness the power of artificial intelligence to identify and engage with qualified leads, ensuring every interaction is personalized and effective. Whether you need lead generation, appointment setting, or follow-up calls, our AI-backed services are designed to optimize your sales performance. Partner with UltraConnect to enhance your customer relationships, boost your sales pipeline, and achieve your business goals. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the transformative benefits of our AI-driven inside sales services, and watch your business thrive in the digital age.



While appointment setting may seem straightforward, it is far from easy. Identifying potential clients and establishing connections requires meticulous planning to ensure that the right information reaches your potential clients.

As an integral part of your sales process, UltraConnect combines the power of AI and human expertise to efficiently manage the task of scheduling demos and appointments for your sales representatives. This allows them to focus on closing deals with the most promising leads. We understand the significance of this phase in the sales cycle. Our Business Development Representatives (BDRs) undergo extensive training and rigorous drills to adeptly overcome objections, exhibit assertiveness, and effectively secure appointments.


81% of sales reps

say the phone is the most important

 Tool for sales 

(source: Tracko Lab)

this is

How It Works


Crafting a tailored solution for your business involves a detailed examination of your client database, inbound web traffic, or cold-call prospects in your area. We design a robust script to meet your specific requirements, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your objectives. Our team then prepares your workforce for an influx of energized, qualified leads, setting the foundation for successful engagement and conversion of potential clients..


Embark on a dynamic journey with our hybrid AI/calling campaign, strategically initiated based on our custom plan. This innovative approach targets your existing clients, hot leads, or cold-call prospects, blending the power of AI with personalized calling. Detailed notes for each interaction are provided, enabling you to optimize and make the most of every generated sales opportunity.


Every month, we delve into a thorough campaign analysis, leveraging AI to fine-tune and optimize our appointment-setting strategy. Our goal is to elevate booking and closing ratios by intelligently modifying our scripting and general approach as necessary. The integration of AI ensures a dynamic and data-driven approach to continuously improve outcomes.

Cold-Calling is 5-10 times more effective

than email campaigns 

(Source: The rain group)

  • UltraConnect has been reconnecting me with my existing clients, and they have done a thorough and professional job as my communications team. I am bringing in a ton of revenue from clients that I had neglected to reach out to over the years.
    Desjardins Financial
  • We hired UltraConnect to assist us with our lead-generation and appointment-booking requirements. They were able to get us in front of the right kind of prospects so we could grow our business. Their lead-generation division is effective and competitively-priced.
    National Bank of Canada
  • My dealership has been working with Jon at UltraConnect for the past 4 years with great success. It took a bit of tweaking in the beginning in order to ensure calls were being made to the best cross section of our data base but Jon and my team were able to sort this out quickly. Once this was accomplished, our volume of VIP appointments improved and so did our closing ratio. We continue to see good results from these campaigns.
    Hass Hijazi
    Managing Partner, Finch Hyundai
  • I am a Personal Trainer and needed a business development solution for 2023. UltraConnect is finding me hot leads and putting qualified bookings right into my calendar! The ROI is great and I am more than happy with the service I am receiving.
  • Working with UltraConnect has helped me find multiple new clients for my Commercial Cleaning business. They source the leads, pre-qualify them by phone, and then set up an in-person meeting so I can visit the location and do a quick site survey.
  • We’ve been using the services of UltraConnect for almost 5 years and have always been happy with the results. Jon places high-quality and well-informed phone calls to our clients in order to generate appointments for our sales team. Before making the calls, Jon thoroughly researches the customer information on file to ensure we’re making a suitable call to our customers and not wasting anyone’s time. UltraConnect is highly recommended.
    Danny Jamal
    General Manager, Ken Shaw Lexus
  • My law firm has engaged the services of UltraConnect to generate leads and help us grow our book of business. We are satisfied with the quality of the leads we are receiving, as well as the excellent customer support we have received
  • UltraConnect assisted my real estate agency with setting up a massive sales event for our new Condo launch. They were very professional on their calls, and we needed this type of soft-sell approach to represent out agency in the best light possible.
  • Thank you and your team for all of your hard work. As dealers we are always looking to elevate the sales team, but can to come up short when trying to motivate. UltraConnect supercharges appointments to the store! Jon and his team are extremely professional, knowledgeable and courteous when making calls to our customers. They work with our management and staff as an extension of our store and everyone is loving the additional sales the appointments are providing. We look forward to using his company and service on a consistent basis.
    David Scherle
    Owner, Burlington Nissan, St. Catharines Nissan, Burlington Toyota
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Our Numbers

calls made
meetings booked
deals closed
total revenue generated
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Various companies that Ultraconnect partners with

Various companies that Ultraconnect partners with

This image shows the logos of various companies that Ultraconnect partners with

Phone calls stand out and can make a difference

considering the typical businessperson receives 115 emails daily (SOURCE: The Radicati Group)



Jon Hyman

Jon Hyman

This image shows the CEO of the company, Jon Hyman.

Jon Hyman

Jon is a strategic Sales Manager with twenty years experience in ​Sales Management, Account Management, CSR Management, Training/ Development, Client Relations, Automotive Consulting, and Technical Support. ​

Experienced in optimizing B2B and B2C sales teams, he is focused on increasing individual and team sales productivity, and identifying and closing business opportunities in order to achieve revenue targets. ​ With a proven capacity to lead and develop team members, he drives projects to completion, and achieves targeted bottom-line results.

Jon is based out of Toronto, Canada. He has worked with Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Chevrolet, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW dealerships as a product specialist and business development expert. He is a family man whose hobbies include guitar, chess, and fast cars.


Jim Accounts Executive

Jim Accounts Executive

This image shows the Accounts Executive of Ultraconnect

With a decade of expertise in the automotive industry and over 13 years dedicated to Sales & Marketing, Mandy is renowned for her innovative approach and results-oriented leadership. Having collaborated with major brands like Mazda, GM, and Ford, Mandy seamlessly integrates her deep automotive knowledge with strategic marketing acumen. Her track record includes surpassing sales targets, identifying market trends, and fostering ultimate customer success. As a COO, Mandy brings a unique blend of industry mastery, marketing finesse, and a commitment to operational excellence, ensuring that every initiative aligns with overarching business goals. Her journey is a testament to her professional insight, promising continued success and innovation in shaping the future of automotive operations and customer satisfaction.

Austin BDR

Austin BDR

This image shows the BDR of Ultraconnect, Austin.

Austin is an experienced customer service rep with 6+ years under his belt. He prides himself on his time in used vehicle sales and certainly enjoys the satisfaction of helping customers. Austin in his free time enjoys exploring the world."


Ava BDR Expert

This image shows the BDR of Ultraconnect, AVA
 Team Lead

Ava is an experienced sales and customer service representative. A dedicated worker with a focus on customer experience. Ava is detailed-oriented and provides great results while ensuring client satisfaction. Her interests include JDM cars, graphic design and sailing.



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